Motors & Sports Expo (MSEXPO)
Venue : Tropicana Gardens Mall Convention Centre - Level 3A
Date : 26 Nov - 27 Nov 2022
Time : 10am - 9pm

Rainforest Challenge - World’s Top 5 toughest off road races
Standing by for 25RFC 2022 (Rainforest Challenge) in MsExpo for 26 & 27 NOV @ Tropicana Gardens Convention Centre (TGCC), Kota Damansara, PJ. Showcase of RFC booth display, registration & opening with motor, sports, RC cars, nexgen camping, fishing, fitness, horseriding, scubadiving, off-road expedition & racing + classic 4x4 cars, pickup rigs & ATVs 27/11:11am ceremonial sending off for Rainforest Challenge 2022. Afternoon: RFC briefing & exhibition continues at MsExpo. Queries
6 our exhibition partner. Pix: 25RFC booth & standing by with RFC classics, nextgen camping, RC cars at entrance lobby to sales gallery of Tropicana Gardens Mall.

Welcoming Fizo Omar to MS Expo, thank you to Fizo Omar Channel for the special collaboration to create awareness to the public by promoting healthy lifestyles. Come and visit Ms Expo this coming 26-27 November 2022 at Tropicana Gardens Mall to know more about Living Adventures Lifestyles

🔥Main Event Highlight
✔ Special apperance of Rainforest Challenge - World’s Top 5 toughest off road races
✔ Flagging of RFC Malaysia -Grand finale event from the RFC Global Series (RFCGS) which was a worldwide off-road racing
✔ Showcase of Off Road Lifestyle
🔥Showcase of Outdoor lifestyles(recreational /sports activities )
- Horse Riding, Archery, Camping , motorcycle riding
🔥 Car of the year
exclusive showcase of a unique collection from 4x4 “Classics & NextGen Campers” . Take this chance to selfie with those unique 4x4s, pickups , ATVs and RC cars.
🔥 Adventures motorised sports
- It’s all about 4X4s, ATVs and its accessories

Welcoming our Platinum Sponsor for MS Expo 2022!!
Life is all about having faith and trust in one another. Life after pandemic is very challenging for everyone. However if we stand together and support each other. We Will GROW together!

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